8U Division ~ Born 09/01/14 thru 08/31/16

2022 - 2023 USA Lacrosse Player Segment 


The goal of the recreational league is to teach and foster development of the sport through instruction in both practice and game situations. Teams usually practice twice a week and play games on Saturdays using Sundays as an optional game make-up day. Practice locations and times are approved via a permitted application process through St. Mary's County Recreation and Parks as well as private Home Owner Associations.

All division play is in accordance with USA Lacrosse Official Rules for Girls and Women’s Lacrosse.  The complete rules can be viewed at https://www.usalacrosse.com/girls-and-womens-rules.  Modifications to these rules are rare and made only upon review and approval of all three counties.  An abbreviated list of 8U rules follows as reviewed and approved by tri-county representatives. 


From US Lacrosse - 8U lacrosse is the age when many young athletes first experience the sport of lacrosse. The children entering at this point often differ greatly in their physical and cognitive development. Consequently, the game they play should be designed to “level the playing field” and provide opportunities for any child that wants to participate. The emphasis at this age level is on instilling a love and excitement of playing, while also developing the fundamental movement skills that will be valuable in future athletic endeavors. The competition playing rules for 8U encourage multiple opportunities for each athlete to “touch” the ball, work with teammates and develop general physical literacy. With respect to the competition at this level, coaches, parents, and officials should emphasize: - FUN - Following simple rules of play - Good Sportsmanship

  • Players: 4v4 with no goalie

  • Field Size: 60-70 yards x 35-45 yards (cross field)

  • Field Lines:Goal Circle

  • Equipment: soft-type ball (SWAX LAX Ball); eyewear required

  • Goal Size: 3x3 or 4x4 can be used but are not required

  • Play of Game: No Draw, players line up in their defensive end to start game. After goals, play begins at the center line.