14U Division ~ Born 09/01/08 thru 08/31/10

2022-2023 US Lacrosse Player Segment 


The goal of the recreational league is to teach and foster development of the sport through instruction in both practice and game situations. Teams usually practice twice a week and play games on Saturdays using Sundays as an optional game make-up day.  Practice locations and times are approved via a permitted application process thru St. Mary's County Recreation and Parks as well as private Home Owner Associations.


All division play is in accordance with US Lacrosse Official Rules for Girls and Women’s Lacrosse.  The complete rules can be viewed at https://www.usalacrosse.com/girls-and-womens-rules.  Modifications to these rules are rare and made only upon review and approval of all three counties.  An abbreviated list of 14U rules follows as reviewed and approved by tri-county representatives. 

From USA Lacrosse: 14U lacrosse is where young athletes begin emerging into a competitive environment. The game they play should be reinforcing fundamental technical skills and practical tactical applications for playing lacrosse. Essentially they are preparing to be competitors. With respect to the competition at this level, coaches, parents, and officials should emphasize: - Fun - Using technical skills in game situation - Exploring and applying new tactical skills - Sportsmanship

  • Players: 12v12 includes goalies

  • Field Size: 110-140 yards x 60-70 yards

  • Field Lines: HS lines

  • Equipment: Traditional sticks and balls

  • Play of Game: A draw is used to start play. A four-goal mercy rule is applied and transitional checking is allowed.

  • Game Duration – Two 25-minute running clock halves and a 5-minute halftime. Clock only stops for injuries.